Village warned of ‘outsiders’ leaving cheese on cars in very British note

A note claimed to have been distributed in a small village warning residents over incidents of cheese ‘vandalism’ in the area has gone viral after it was shared online.

The message, headed ‘Anti-social behaviour’, issues an alert to report that cheese slices have been smeared across the windscreens of cars in Fangfoss, Yorkshire – and it’s been compared to something from the film Hot Fuzz.

A picture of the note was shared to the CasualUK Reddit page, with the caption ‘Life in a small Yorkshire village. There was no apparent motive’.

It reads: “Regrettably, an act of vandalism occurred in Fangfoss recently. A number of cars had cheese slices smeared across their windscreens in the centre of the village. There was no apparent motive.

“It is so out of keeping with the usual behaviour of local people that we hope it was an isolated act by someone from elsewhere.”

It racked up plenty of comments as one person wrote: “‘Must have been an outsider’!” and another replied: “Such a village mindset. ‘No one from here would ever do such a thing, it must be people from [insert local town]!'”

Others compared it to the police work of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the village of Sandford from the 2007 comedy Hot Fuzz, where the mundane emergencies included rounding up an escaped local swan.

And then the cheese puns were rolled out in force, as one said: “Is that even vandalism? It’s probably kids, they’ve got nothing feta to do.”

A second replied: “Parents couldn’t give Edam, I bet.”

A third wrote: “Looks like we need to convene the council. For The Grater Gouda”

Another said: “Sounds like there was de-Brie everywhere that night” and someone else addedL “Va